Oracle Instant client setup

Oracle Instant Client enables development and deployment of applications that connect to Oracle Database, either on-premise or in the Cloud. … js, Go, PHP and Ruby, as well as providing access for Oracle Call Interface (OCI), Oracle C++ Call Interface (OCCI), JDBC-OCI, ODBC and Pro*C applications


· Download the Oracle client from oracle site

· Unzip the downloaded zip file (Example: instantclient-basic-windows.x64– to C:\oracle19

· Create the tnsname.ora file in path C:\oracle19\network\admin\tnsnames.ora and enter the valid TNS credentials in the file

· Set environment variables as below

ORACLE_HOME= C:\oracle19

PATH= C:\oracle19

TNS_ADMIN= C:\oracle19\network\admin

· Navigate c:\oracle19, open the command prompt and execute odbc_install.exe command.

· ODBC driver gets installed and ‘successfully installed’ message will be displayed.

· To create the DSN driver will be listed as below

· Enter the valid credentials and create the DSN


· Download the installable from

· Unzip the file (Example : instantclient-basic-linux.x64– folder Oracle in Unix machine

· Create the tnsname.ora in folder /home/TNS and enter the valid tns credentials

·Set .profile settings as below


export ORACLE_HOME=/home/Oracle


export PATH=/home/Oracle:$PATH

export TNS_ADMIN=/home/TNS

· .odbc.ini enter DSN credentials as below if you are using UNIXODBC


Description=Oracle ODBC driver for Oracle 19c.12





TraceFile=/home/ /Log/oratrace.log


· Execute the isql command to test the Oracle DSN

$ isql –v DSNname

Note: For AIX set IOCP to Available




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